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Aging Society

Aging Society | Policy Research Series

06/12/2017 - 15:00

Gerontechnology Landscape Report

[Download Full Report]

Our Hong Kong Foundation has released its research report on gerontechnology in Hong Kong, entitled “Gerontechnology Landscape Report”. The landscape report studies and identifies the relevant stakeholders and the different gaps and difficulties within the gerontechnology ecosystem. A selection of available gerontechnology products and services in Hong Kong are also explored within four categories: healthcare, food, living and transport.

With a rapidly ageing population and a declining labour force, technology within the elderly health care sector is becoming increasingly important. Gerontechnology could be the key to tackling the problems ahead, and allow Hong Kong to turn these challenges into a golden opportunity to transform into a technologically advanced city, hence benefit seniors and their caregivers.

Aging Society Research Report

[Download Full Report]

Our Hong Kong Foundation has published the first Aging Society Research Report, entitled ‘An Investment for the Celebration of Aging’. The research report recommends key policy options, namely the creation of a Chronic Disease Management Voucher Scheme and a Health-Enabling Network, the establishment of collaborative governance and social capital, and the use of technology, to unleash the potential of a growing older population and generate overall greater well-being throughout Hong Kong.

Stakeholders of each and every sector will need to collaborate and invest in Hong Kong’s physical, social and political institutions for an age-enabling environment so that everyone, regardless of their age and ability, can celebrate their lives.