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土地 房屋

團結香港基金政策研究系列 :土地及房屋

10/04/2016 - 08:00

Our Hong Kong Foundation Policy Research Series: Land and Housing II

Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) releases its second public policy research report in the area of land and housing. The report recommends that the Government implement the “Subsidised Homeownership Scheme” (SHS) and change the existing mechanism determining the unpaid premium by fixing the amount at the time of purchase, so that households will no longer have to catch up with ever-increasing property prices. The report also examines the malign issues arising from the current public housing policy alongside the urgency and necessity of implementing the SHS. OHKF believes that the proposed Scheme will help grass-roots families purchase their own homes and in the long-term, improve social mobility, alleviate income inequality and inter-generational poverty.

Moreover, the report extends the findings of OHKF’s previous research entitled "From Housing Market Outlook to Land Supply Strategy" published in July. It is proposed that Government should strive to establish a land reserve and to implement the Lantau Development as soon as possible, and calls for greater societal cohesion and consensus to support land development. Land supply involves the interests of the community as a whole. OHKF believes that mere debates and arguments will not help improve the situation. Only by recognising the severity and urgency of the problem of land and housing shortages, and supporting faster land development, can ensure that Hong Kong enjoys a sustainable future.

[Download Full Report ]
[Download Part One Executive Summary - The Price of Our Public Housing Programme ]
[Download Part Two Executive Summary - Macro Considerations Surrounding Land Supply]
[Download Part One - The Price of Our Public Housing Programme ]
[Download Part Two - Macro Considerations Surrounding Land Supply ]


Our Hong Kong Foundation Policy Research Series: Land and Housing I


Our Hong Kong Foundation today released our- first research report, with focus on Hong Kong land and housing policies. In housing, we advocate that the Government launch a “Subsidized Homeownership Scheme” to utilize public housing resources.

more efficiently, to enable the underprivileged to become property owners with policy support, and in the long run to share in the wealth brought by Hong Kong’s economic prosperity.

Housing is inseparable from land supply. In the past decade or so, Hong Kong’s reclamation activities had ground to a halt, and there were very few major land development plans. Our Hong Kong Foundation advocates that the public should look at the macro situation and support a multi-pronged strategy to increase land supply — including reclamation. In the long run, Hong Kong must build its own land reserves to meet various economic, social and livelihood needs.

[Download Full Report ]
[Download Part One Executive Summary - Subsidized Homeownership Scheme ]
[Download Part Two Executive Summary - Increasing Land Supply ]
[Download Part One - Subsidized Homeownership Scheme ]
[Download Part Two - Increasing Land Supply ]