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Economic Development

團結香港基金政策研究系列 : 香港經濟發展

09/08/2016 - 20:00

Our Hong Kong Foundation released its research report on economic development of Hong Kong. Given what has been occurring in the economies of the Mainland and the world, the economy of Hong Kong is now at a turning point. It must embark on new directions in order to continue to grow and prosper. The purpose of this report is epitomized by the Chinese saying, “tossing a brick to attract the jade (抛磚引玉)” to give out a menu of the available possibilities.

It is entirely possible for Hong Kong to become the leading international financial center of the whole world. It is also possible for Hong Kong to become an international center of innovation and venture capital, an international center of creative arts and film making, and an international educational, health care and legal services center in the East Asian region, serving not only Hong Kong and the Mainland, but also the rest of East Asia and the world.

Hong Kong still has great potential for further economic growth.  Yes. Hong Kong CAN create yet another economic miracle!

[Download Full Report ]