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           Executive Summary


           文化乃軟實力之源,其重要性在全球所有先進的經濟                         The stars have aligned for new policymaking in Hong Kong. This year
                                                           marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong
           政策的關鍵時刻 ―― 適逢香港特別行政區成立 25                       Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). It witnesses the election of a
                                                           new Chief Executive and the transition to a new Administration, the
                                                           possibility of a new bureau of culture, sports and tourism, and last
                                                           but not least, an ambitious vision for Hong Kong set out in the latest
                                                           National 14th Five-Year Plan. This timing is critical for policymaking
           入「十四五」規劃的發展大局。因此,我們決定在                          and hence our report strikes at this hour.
                                                           In March 2021, the 14th Five-Year Plan set out eight positionings for
                                                           Hong Kong in relation to the overall development of the country. Of
           2021 年 3 月,國家《「十四五」規劃綱要》確立了香港                   those, it promulgated for the first time the support for Hong Kong to
                                                           enhance its status as a regional intellectual property (IP) trading
                                                           centre, and to develop into a hub for arts and cultural exchanges
                                                           between China and the rest of the world (National Development and
                                             1             Reform Commission, 2021). These two positionings present direct
           兩個定位對文化及創意產業(文創產業) 的發展意義                                                                      1
                                                           implications to the cultural and creative industries (CCI),  a sector
           非凡。事實上,文創產業佔本地 2019 年生產總值的                      that contributes to 4.7% (HKD 129.3 billion) of the city’s GDP and
           4.7%(1,293 億港元)和總就業人數的6.2%(237,150              6.2% (237,150 persons engaged) of total employment in 2019.
           名從業員)。數據顯示,「軟件、電腦遊戲及互動媒體」                       Furthermore, statistics show the main driving force of the CCI in

           1  香港的文化及創意產業包含11個類別:i)藝術品、古董及工藝品;ii)文化教育及圖書館、檔案保存和博物館服務;iii)表演藝術;iv)電影及錄像和音樂;v)電視及電台;vi)出版;vii)軟件、電腦遊戲及互動媒體;
              Hong Kong’s CCI comprises 11 domains including: i) art, antiques and crafts; ii) cultural education and library, archive and museum services; iii) performing arts; iv) film, video and music; v) television and radio; vi) publishing;
            vii) software, computer games and interactive media; viii) design; ix) architecture; x) advertising; and xi) amusement services.
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