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(iv) Also limiting the attractiveness of the limited registration pathway in Hong Kong is the explicit requirement for doctors to continuously be registered
                  with a medical authority elsewhere, a requirement generally not observed in other jurisdictions. To enhance the attractiveness of practicing in Hong
                  Kong, consideration should be given to relaxing the requirement for doctors under limited registration to be registered with a foreign medical
         5. Summary

            In summary, our public healthcare system is on the verge of collapse. Amidst the many challenges faced by our health system, the issue of shortage of
            doctors remains unresolved. This longstanding issue is exacerbated by a rapidly ageing population and growing burden of chronic diseases that represent
            an ever-increasing demand for healthcare services. Particularly in the public sector, the severe shortage of doctors contributes to the challenge of timely
            access to healthcare for our local population. As we continue our e orts in enhancing our health system, there is an urgent need to tackle the severe shortage
            of doctors in our health system by becoming more receptive towards augmenting the role of foreign-trained doctors. It is in the best interest of our crippling
            public healthcare system and for the well-being of our healthcare workforce and our citizens, that we must review the procedures currently in place to attract
            more well-qualified foreign-trained doctors to join our healthcare workforce to relieve our shortage of doctors, particularly in our public hospitals.
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