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In fully capitalising on the experience and qualifications of doctors regardless of place of training, the Government should
                 consider setting up an independent specialist accreditation body with international expert members that is solely responsible for
                 the recognition and accreditation of specialist training and determination of qualifications for inclusion in Hong Kong’s Specialist
                 Register. This newly formed independent body should take reference to Singapore’s Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB)
                 which determines the qualifications, experience, and other considerations necessary for accreditation, as well as the training
                 programmes recognised for registration as a specialist in Singapore. Alternatively, the Government can consider empowering
                 the  MCHK  Education  and  Accreditation  Committee  (EAC)  to  take  on  this  role  and  mirror  the  organisation,  functions  and
                 responsibilities of the SAB in Singapore.
                 The Government’s proposed pathway for the admission of non-locally trained doctors partially addresses the constraints faced
                 by doctors under Limited Registration. It is important that the committee to be set up under the Government’s proposal
                 (for the purpose of establishing a mechanism to determine recognisable medical schools) remain independent, such that
                 professional and objective decisions can be made. Also, to maximise our intake of qualified doctors trained outside Hong Kong,
                 we recommend the Government to consider instilling flexibility into the three specified eligibility conditions (refer to page 4).
                 Alternative mechanisms should be in place to capture and retain well-qualified doctors that fall outside set criteria. As an
                 example, an appeal mechanism could be devised to review cases of ineligible well-qualified doctors already serving in our health
                 system on an individual basis.

                 Alternative arrangements to lift restrictions imposed under Limited Registration should be considered to enhance doctor retention
                 measures. As an example, the duration restriction of Limited Registration should be lifted for non-locally trained specialists
                 employed by the HA or the DH who will continue their appointment with these public healthcare institutions. Relaxation of the
                 venue restriction of Limited Registration should also be considered after doctors have served in the HA or DH for an extended
                 period of time (e.g., 10 to 15 years). Both relaxations should be subject to desirable performance monitoring and assessment
                 On a separate note, CSR applications undergo a thorough vetting process that involves all relevant authorities, including the
                 Academy Colleges. Specialists that successfully attain CSR would have been certified by the Academy to have achieved a
                 professional standard comparable to that for the award of Fellowship of the Academy, in accordance with Section 20K of the
                 Medical Registration Ordinance (MRO) (Cap. 161). Given the comparable professional competencies, the Academy Fellows
                 (nominated by the Academy Colleges) and specialists with CSR should thus have equivalent entitlement in their careers in Hong
                 Kong. To achieve this, holders of CSR should be awarded Fellowship of the Academy.

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