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Summary of Recommendations

                  RECOMMENDATION  1.  Hong  Kong  must  strengthen  its  governance  and  strategic  vision  in  health  workforce

                  1.1  The Hospital Authority should publicly disclose attrition details of doctors, especially senior doctors, and how they are
                      replaced on a regular basis to make sure vacant positions could be replaced in a timely manner. The years of experience
                      of outgoing and of the corresponding replacement doctors should also be disclosed regularly.
                  1.2  The Government should coordinate plans, including streamlining synergy between relevant parties, for the recruitment of
                      non-locally trained doctors and have in place a clear evaluation framework for recruitment outcomes.

                  1.3  The Government should mandate additional headcount for the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health in
                      accordance to projected doctor shortfalls as calculated in the FHB Healthcare Manpower Projection (2020) and hold both
                      accountable for effective utilisation of additional funding for the global recruitment of doctors.

                  1.4  The Government should hold the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine accountable for the enforcement of its statutory powers
                      to organise, monitor, assess and accredit specialist training and qualifications. Accreditation and recognition criteria for all
                      non-local specialist qualifications should be clearly disclosed.

                  RECOMMENDATION 2. Hong Kong can consider providing internship placements and a structured career path
                  for non-locally trained doctors

                  2.1  Non-locally trained doctors who have not completed a period of full-time internship but have an acceptable primary medical
                      qualification should be qualified to take the Medical Council of Hong Kong Licensing Examination.
                  2.2  The post-Examination period of assessment for doctors who have served under Limited Registration for more than one
                      year and have passed the Licensing Examination should be waived.
                  2.3  The Government should mandate medical institutions to create internship placements offered to qualified non-locally
                      trained medical graduates who are Hong Kong permanent residents unable to secure an internship placement in their
                      place of training. After completion of an internship in Hong Kong, the Government can consider setting up a mechanism to
                      allow these doctors to continue providing public service in the local health system.

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