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4.4  The Government should consider setting up an independent specialist accreditation body with international expert members
                      that will solely be responsible for the recognition and accreditation of specialist training and determination of qualifications
                      for inclusion in Hong Kong’s Specialist Register. Alternatively, the Government can consider empowering the Education and
                      Accreditation Committee under the Medical Council of Hong Kong to take on this role.

                  4.5  Fellows of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and specialists with Certification for Specialist Registration (CSR) (attained
                      via the Academy) should have equivalent entitlement in their careers in Hong Kong. To achieve this, holders of CSR should
                      be awarded Fellowship of the Academy.

                  RECOMMENDATION 5. Relevant authorities in Hong Kong including the Medical Council of Hong Kong should
                  adopt the Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials to streamline examination application and medical
                  registration procedures

                  RECOMMENDATION  6.  Hong  Kong  should  conduct  a  review  of  the  Medical  Council  of  Hong  Kong  Licensing
                  Examination to uphold fair assessment standards
                  6.1  The Medical Council of Hong Kong should strategically invest in support measures for the Licensing Examination including
                      the provision of comprehensive revision materials, an exhaustive syllabus and options to complete parts of the Examination
                      outside Hong Kong or virtually.

                  6.2  The Medical Council of Hong Kong should abolish discouraging assessment practices of the Licensing Examination, such
                      as negative marking mechanisms.
                  6.3  The Medical Council of Hong Kong should implement measures to ensure fairness in examination standards. This could
                      involve regular calibration of the Licensing Examination with locally trained medical graduates and/or the setting up of an
                      independent examination authority to administer a standard licensing examination for local and non-locally trained doctors.

                  6.4  The Medical Council of Hong Kong should make alternative assessment methods available for experienced doctors, such
                      as workplace-based assessment.
                  6.5  The Medical Council of Hong Kong should consider alternative measures to fulfil the medical English proficiency requirement,
                      such as the recognition of results from well-established English language testing systems like International English Language
                      Testing System (IELTS) or consider graduates from medical schools with English as a medium of instruction to have met the

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