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Hong Kong can consider providing internship placements and a structured career
                   RECOMMENDATION 2
                                              path for non-locally trained doctors
                 Different jurisdictions have put in place policies that invite talent to serve in respective health systems as early on in their careers
                 as possible. Of note, special measures are often in place to incentivise citizens to return after training abroad. For instance, both
                 Singapore and the UK have clear pathways and career prospects for non-locally trained doctors without internship experience.

                 While internship experience is a core component of a medical career, internship placements are not guaranteed for all medical
                 students, particularly non-local medical students. Medical graduates trained outside Hong Kong without internship experience
                 would find it difficult to enter Hong Kong’s health system to practise through the key pathways dedicated for the admission
                 of non-locally trained doctors. To enhance the reception of medical graduates seeking to start their medical careers in Hong
                 Kong and with reference to policies enforced in other jurisdictions like the UK, we recommend relaxing the current prerequisite
                 for taking the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) Licensing Examination that requires the candidate to have completed a
                 full-time internship. The requirement to complete a period of assessment in Hong Kong after passing the Licensing Examination
                 should be maintained and completed under Provisional Registration. Furthermore, the period of assessment that effectively
                 functions as a post-Examination internship is a redundant requirement for doctors who have already served in Hong Kong’s
                 health system for a period of time. Thus, to better utilise doctors’ advanced skillsets, we recommend the period of assessment
                 for doctors who have served under Limited Registration for more than one year and who have passed the Licensing Examination
                 to be waived.

                 Additionally, with view of facilitating entry into our system under Limited Registration or through the Government’s proposed
                 pathway, and with reference to Singapore’s provisional registration, we recommend the Government to mandate relevant medical
                 institutions to create internship placements for completion under Provisional Registration. These positions should be offered
                 to qualified non-locally trained medical graduates who have not been able to secure an internship placement in their place
                 of training. A medical internship priority system could be in place to ensure positions are allocated to Hong Kong permanent
                 residents only. After completion of an internship in Hong Kong, the Government can consider setting up a mechanism to
                 allow these doctors to continue providing public service in the local health system. For example, the relevant authorities can
                 collaborate with medical regulatory bodies outside Hong Kong to grant full registration at the place of medical training. This
                 initiative will allow doctors to enter Hong Kong’s system under Limited Registration or through the Government’s proposed
                 pathway with internship experience, which will meet the criterion for registration with a medical authority outside Hong Kong.

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