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b. (For people without former experience / satisfied with current services) Which is/are the
                   main factor(s) you will consider in your decision on whether to use end-of-life care
                   services? (can choose more than one option)
                     i.    Reasonable price
                     ii.   Convenient access to services
                     iii.   High familiarity with service providers
                     iv.   One-stop shop service provision
                     v.    Advice from professional personnel
                     vi.   Fulfilling personal needs

               6.  What is/are the most important form(s) of support you need for you to handle end-of-life
                   matters (for yourself or for family and friends)? (can choose more than one option)
                     i.   Professional advice on end-of-life arrangements, e.g. making advance directives
                     ii.   Regular healthcare services at the community level
                    iii.   Medicine and equipment for symptom management
                    iv.   Practical knowledge of caregiving, such as physical assistance and supporting skills
                     v.   Psychological counselling
                    vi.   Comfortable environment
                    vii.   Others

               7.  a. If possible, would you want to maximise your time spent in the community (i.e. outside of
                   hospitals, e.g. at home, in elderly centres) in the last stages of life?
                     i.   Yes                                 ii.    No

                   b.  (For those who do not wish to stay in the community as indicated in 7a) Would you want
                   to maximise your spent time in the community in the last stages of life if there was
                   sufficient support available?
                        i.  Yes                               ii.    No

               8.  When facing an end-of-life situation, who would you seek non-medical support from? (can
                   choose more than one option)
                     i.   Medical professionals in hospitals
                     ii.   Medical professionals in communities
                    iii.   Social workers
                    iv.   Religious acquaintances
                     v.   Relatives or non-religious acquaintances
                    vi.   Others

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