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Executive Summary

               Land shortage is the root of many social and economic ills in   comprehensive planning and effective policies, developing the
               Hong Kong.                                                New Territories will mark another turning point for Hong Kong in
                                                                         creating a truly liveable community and inject new vigour into its
               Hong Kong’s ongoing housing crisis and skyrocketing home prices   economic growth.
               have weighed heavily on many of the citizens’ mind, extinguishing
               their hope for a better livelihood and starting a family of their own.   The society has been desperate for a way out of the hopeless land
               We raised the alarm that Hong Kong has got bogged down in a   shortage—a holistic vision based on the broader aspiration of
               deadlock of “triple lows”, respectively in spade-ready land supply,   liveability, economic development, and sustainable growth is
               housing completions, and quality of living reflected by the shrinking   needed to sow the seeds of hope and drive change. With the right
               average size of new housing units. If no resolute action is taken   policies, we can secure a timely supply of land to realise this vision.
               promptly, the society will continue to bear the poor living   Future land creation initiatives will undoubtedly bring new
               environment with great despair.                           opportunities, hopes, and more diversified economic and social
                                                                         activities to Hong Kong people from all walks of lives.
               The current land shortage is mainly attributed to the fact that no
               new town has been built in the past twenty years. Previously,   Planning for the future
               Hong Kong has created substantial land supply by building nine
               new towns since the 1970s, but such effort halted in the 2000s.   In the upcoming three decades, Hong Kong will need at least
               At present, Hong Kong’s urbanised area with well-planned usages   9,000 hectares of land according to our estimate based on
               only consists of 20% of its total landmass, which is remarkably low   practical needs. The major land supply measures planned by the
               compared with other cities or regions, such as 47% in Shenzhen   Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
               and 73% in Singapore.                                     (the Government) has so far contributed 5,000 hectares, including
                                                                         the Lantau Tomorrow Vision (LTV), and the two ongoing New
               To build a better living environment, Hong Kong must envision and   Development Areas (NDAs), namely Hung Shui Kiu (HSK) and
               invest in its future. Our society needs to take collective action and   Kwu Tung North / Fanling North (KTN/FLN). These two NDAs
               commit to increasing land supply via multi-pronged approaches.   have been re-activated more than a decade ago. Still, the
               In addition to reclamations, the New Territories presents a   implementation process has been slower than desired because of
               promising opportunity for large-scale development. With   various reasons, most notably the bureaucratic red tape.

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