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To further strengthen the availability of formal mental health care, the Government
           should pilot an “Extended” Integrated Mental Health Programme (IMHP) with
           private sector doctors. IMHPs in the public sector serve as a prime example of
           multidisciplinary mental health care by linking GPs and FMs with a key worker and
           advisory psychiatrist to help persons with CMD in a primary care setting. However,
           the IMHP remains a small-scale service and is limited in manpower. The Government
           should create an “Extended” IMHP that empowers private sector doctors to provide
           primary care-led mental health care with an intention to provide doctors with
           multidisciplinary support to provide mental health care. Referencing the IMHP model
           and with risk stratification of patients, private sector FMs and GPs should provide
           simple pharmacological treatment and care counselling to leverage private sector
           capacity, while key workers (that could be a paraprofessional providing low-intensity
           interventions) and advisory psychiatrists from the public/private sector provide
           stepped care psychological therapies.

              Figure D.  Envisioned care structure of “Extended” IMHP

                Recommendation 1.2
                Patient referral source 1:
                Step down from HA PSY SOPC (via PPP)

                                         Recommendation 1.2
                                           private FMs + GPs

                                        “Extended” IMHP
                                      (operated by the Government)

                   Recommendation 2.1
                      Stepped care                             Advisory psychiatrists
                   psychological services

                                                Recommendation 1.4
                                                 Patient referral source 2:
                                                 Step up from GPs, DHC, ICCMW

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