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Figure E.  Suggested protocol for mental health services  [1]

                                                            Level 5
                                                           Acute and
                                                         specialist services
                                                            Level 4
                                                      High-intensity intervention
                    (completed by any                       Level 3
                     mental health                  Medium-intensity intervention
                    professional in any
                    formal care setting)
                                                            Level 2
                                                      Low-intensity intervention
                                                            Level 1
                                                   Self-management and prevention

                Note: [1] Australia’s mental health system is referenced.

               Policy direction 5:
               Hong Kong should refine the policymaking process
               through conducting regular monitoring, evaluation,
               and review efforts to update its mental health
               policies and plans

               Underlying all mental health reform is the need for strong mental health
               policymaking and developing a cohesive set of initiatives that implement previously
               developed policy. Hong Kong has a mental health policy that presents a visionary
               multidisciplinary and integrated approach to mental health development, and with it,
               a series of plans and individual programmes. Despite the abundance of plans and
               programmes, the mental health system often does not act in an integrated manner
               that offers well-coordinated services to meet the varying and burgeoning needs of
               the public. To rectify this implementation issue, the Government should engage in a
               monitoring, evaluation, and review (M&E) effort to update the policy and attendant

               In addition to understanding the mental health system through the lens of service
               provision, which the Government has actively tracked, it is also critical to review
               how the service is performing in meeting population health goals. As such, the
               Government should consider appointing a functional mental health unit, which
               can be assumed by the ACMH, that is responsible for coordinating mental health
               policies, plans, and programmes. The Government should consider how to take this
               forward, including determining an appropriate scope of work and ensuring proper
               role delineation between the unit and other bureaux and departments. Overall, the
               Government should dictate a centralised list of key performance indicators (KPIs,
               also termed “core indicators” by the WHO) that will be used for routine assessment

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