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of the performance of the mental health system. The Government should also ensure
           that information is available to support KPI tracking. Currently, information that
           specifically showcases and addresses the mental health needs of the population
           is generally scattered, missing, or outdated. Furthermore, there are no regular
           data sources that assess patients’ use, experience, and treatment outcome from
           mental health services. The Government should determine a set of regularised and
           systematised data sources from which to collect population mental health data and
           to create a plan for the implementation of data collection.

           The Government must also engage in system-level data analysis and synthesis to
           understand the gaps in service provision for vulnerable populations and potential
           policy interventions. Key areas for data analysis include: (i) reviewing and updating
           at-risk groups and relevant interventions in consideration of changes in the society
           triggered by notable events such as the COVID-19 pandemic; (ii) pushing for a
           systematic and regularised evaluation process for interventions that assesses their
           effectiveness and proposes ways forward; (iii) examining the economic cost of
           mental health care and assessing the cost-effectiveness of different strategies and
           recommendations. It is also incumbent on the Government to set up regularised
           documentation and tracking of progress in these arenas, thus highlighting the
           importance of an iterative M&E process whereby all steps are repeated regularly.

           Furthermore, the Government should use collected data and syntheses to review and
           update mental health policies and plans with actionable objectives and timeframes.
           With reference to the regularly disseminated ACMH work report that demonstrates
           regular progress monitoring of the implementation of policy recommendations, the
           Government should publish a clear implementation plan, which includes measurable
           targets, specific timeframes, and resource planning. The Government may explore
           empowering the functional mental health unit to coordinate the execution of the
           implementation plan under the predetermined timeline.

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