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Figure B.  Mental healthcare pathway in primary and specialist
                            medical care settings

                           Other                                Common Mental
                       HA specialists                            Disorder Clinic

                      Any other private                       Treatment of CMD patients
                        sector doctor                           on SOPC waiting list

                                                              Psychiatric Specialist
                                                                Outpatient Clinic
                     Private psychiatrists
                                                                  (PSY SOPC)

                                                         Acute management and maintenance of
                                                                SMI & CMD patients

                                                                 Mental Health
                       Private GP/FMs

                                                              Treatment of CMD patients
                                                               in primary care setting

                                                               General Outpatient
                                                                 Clinic (GOPC) &
                                                                Family Medicine
                                                                Specialist Clinic

                                                               HA primary care clinics

                                    Primary care setting  Step down referral pathway
                                    Specialist care setting  Step up referral pathway

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