Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) was founded in November 2014 by Mr C.H. Tung, the Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The OHKF is a leading non-profit and non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting Hong Kong’s long-term interests and sustainable development by drawing upon Hong Kong’s unique advantages and  opportunities under the framework of ‘One Country, Two Systems’. To accomplish our mission, the OHKF has set up the Public Policy Institute, the China Institute, the SciTech Innovation platform, the Business for Social Good platform, the Academy of Chinese Studies, and the Hong Kong Chronicles Institute.

    The Public Policy Institute

    The Public Policy Institute aims to map out a long-term vision for Hong Kong through multi-disciplinary and strategic public policy recommendations that relevant government departments and stakeholders may consider and adopt. Areas of recommendation include land and housing, economic development, sci-tech innovation, arts innovation, healthcare, social welfare and education.

    The China Institute

    The China Institute offers seminars and programmes to promote a deeper knowledge and understanding of China among the Hong Kong people. It also aspires to nurture a stronger sense of national identity and cultural pride, and hopes to create a better social environment for the successful implementation of ‘One Country, Two Systems’.

    The SciTech Innovation Platform

    The SciTech Innovation Platform advocates innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Through signature projects such as the ‘InnoTech Expo’ and the ‘Mainland Expedition on Entrepreneurship and Technology’ (MEET), the platform enables young people in Hong Kong to broaden their horizons and explore fruitful opportunities. 

    The Business for Social Good Platform

    The Business for Social Good Platform brings together wisdom and resources from Hong Kong’s business sector, collaborating with the social welfare community to provide solutions that address the livelihood problems of the community. The platform encourages corporations to create shared values, whilst fulfilling corporate social responsibilities and fostering win-win outcomes for both the business sector and the broader community. 

    In addition, the OHKF has two member organisations:

    The Academy of Chinese Studies

    The Academy of Chinese Studies manages Splendid Chinese Culture—a website that presents comprehensive information and well-structured resources on China’s history and culture to people around the world. The website also features ‘Liberal Studies: Chinese Culture,’ which provides a framework and materials for teaching liberal studies in Hong Kong.

    The Hong Kong Chronicles Institute

    The Hong Kong Chronicles Institute highlights local heritage through a comprehensive, systematic and objective depiction of history. By uncovering, recording and preserving a wealth of historical legacies, the Institute strives to inspire the future by looking back at history.