Field trip to New Territories Brownfields

    05/14/2020 - 18:11


    (13 May 2020, Hong Kong)Head of Public Policy Institute Stephen Wong and Head of Land and Housing Research Ryan Ip led a team to Kam Tin South on 13 May 2020 to visit sites reserved for housing development and examine the land’s current utilisation. Many of these sites were occupied with brownfield operations, small-scale farming activities, and squatters or left vacant.

    Brownfields provide affordable alternatives for local logistics operators priced out of urban areas, a result of a lack of government-coordinated economic-industrial blueprint. The team’s observations provided valuable insight in how best to rationalise a cohesive strategy through better planning, infrastructure, and policy support to drive sustainable growth of our strategic industries.

    The trip identified tactical challenges in developing Kam Tin South such as public transport infrastructure provision. Scarce transport options and narrow roads are just one hurdle in the way of unleashing the area’s immense housing potential.

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