Lifting Air Cargo With Kerry Freight

    04/06/2020 - 09:00

    (6 April 2020, Hong Kong)

    Head of Land and Housing Research Ryan Ip and Researchers Iris Poon and Monte Mu presented their latest study on Hong Kong’s logistics industry and economic ancillary land supply to Kerry Freight (Hong Kong) Limited on 6 April, 2020. 

    The report detailed how greater policy support and new land management tactics keeps Hong Kong’s logistics sector astride of global development trends.

    Kerry Freight General Manager Flora Liu and Senior Manager Himes Chan concurred with adapting land use critical to cementing Hong Kong’s transition into a key global air freight hub amid falling container-port throughput.  

    Liu and Chan also shared with the team how government regulations affect the development of the industry by quoting a few examples, such as the impact of the new International Civil Aviation Organization security policies on airfreight operations.

    Lifting Air Cargo With Kerry Freight