Adrian Cheng - Executive Vice-chairman, General Manager, New World Development

    Innovation Kindles Hope for Social Progress

    “Incubating culture, creativity, and innovation; driving social progress.”

    Dr Adrian Cheng Chi-kong 

    Adrian Cheng Chi-kong, Executive Vice-chairman and General Manager of New World Development, is determined to integrate emerging industries and traditional businesses through new values and strategies. By cultivating culture and creativity, fostering innovative ideas and inventing revolutionary business solutions, he has succeeded in transforming the enterprise into a sustainable “New World” that embraces humanistic concerns to the benefit of society as a whole. He is dedicated to nurturing young entrepreneurs and converging creativity and cultures from all around the world.

    Building on K11 to Foster a Diversified Cultural Exchange

    As a change maker, Adrian established the K11 brand 10 years ago to pioneer a blend of three essential elements: Art • People • Nature. This provides a foundation for developing Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area into a “Silicon Valley of Culture”.

    The most striking example of this new approach is K11 MUSEA, the Group’s latest cultural retail landmark, launched in August on the edge of Victoria Harbour. Adrian gathered more than 100 creative powers, including architects, designers, and artists, to curate this mega-project. His vision is to provide a blank canvas on which young creatives can maximise their inspiration in building a uniquely integrated ecosystem where art, retail, fashion design, technology and entertainment interact, heralding a new era of cross-cultural dialogue.

    In 2017, Adrian established Eureka Nova, a platform for incubating start-ups, with a focus on cultivating entrepreneurs and driving innovation in the technological, creative and cultural industries across Hong Kong and Asia. Since its launch, Eureka Nova has facilitated business integrations for over 300 incubatees by providing professional support and training that allows them to explore a range of new business development opportunities.

    Bringing Social Sustainability Through Creative Thinking

    With Adrian at the helm, New World Development has performed splendidly in the areas of corporate governance, sustainable development, family-friendliness and personnel training. Over 100 international awards have been received. On top of the pursuit of economic development and remarkable profits, Adrian believes that business and society will truly thrive together only by cultivating innovation: this is the key to social sustainability. When corporations and society share and explore concertedly how to encourage creativity and social innovation, they initiate a virtuous circle that moves forward with the vision of creating shared value. Adrian underlines his vision for the Group: “Our sincere hope is that by kindling these small flames, we will light the path ahead for other likeminded agents of change to bring about social progress, cultural incubation and sustainable development. We hope you will be inspired to join us in creating a brighter and more compassionate future for us all.”