06/17/2020 - 19:35

    A Sharing of Dr Allan Zeman: Hong Kong's Staying Power to Overcome

    (17 June 2020, Hong Kong) The past year has been remarkably challenging for Hong Kong given the double whammy of social unrest and the Covid-19 pandemic against the backdrop of unsettling Sino-US tensions, along with the impending introduction of national security law in Hong Kong. The Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) today organised the fourth session of ‘INSIGHT FORUM’ with Dr Allan Zeman, an astute entrepreneur with several decades of participation in public affairs, tourism, cultural and creative as the speaker. Dr Zeman shared his profound insights and delivered messages of hope and optimism pertaining especially to the city’s staying power in overcoming a host of challenges on both local and external fronts.

    ‘A Sharing of Dr Allan Zeman'
    Full live webinar: https://youtu.be/EvMjGDVkBCU?t=1525 


    INSIGHT FORUM with Allan Zeman
    In the OHKF ‘INSIGHT FORUM’ webinar, Dr Allan Zeman, an eminent entrepreneur and Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Group, says the HKSAR Government has done a good job in containing Covid-19 and that the people of Hong Kong have to learn to live with the coronavirus during this difficult time, adapting to the new normal including maintaining a high level of personal hygiene and practising social distancing. Meanwhile, the Government’s 6-month salary subsidy scheme for companies is a good measure as it protects jobs and secures people’s livelihood. 


    INSIGHT FORUM with Allan Zeman
    Hong Kong has a robust legal system based upon the rule of law and an independent judiciary. Dr Zeman believes that implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong will strengthen the city like every other place in the world that has its national security law. With the double whammy of Covid-19 and social unrest, Dr Zeman notes the new national security law will encourage business investments in Hong Kong as it guarantees a more stable business environment. He also points out that the public has nothing to worry about the law as it will not affect their daily life.


    INSIGHT FORUM with Allan Zeman
    Speaking of the recent relief fund for Ocean Park and its future re-positioning, Dr Zeman says the Park has a unique mix of advantages which make it stand out amid intense competition, including its ideal location, upcoming new projects, and comprehensive facilities. He underlines the ‘total package’ of the Park as indispensable for reviving its business, adding that the new management team should look at customers’ needs to enhance the experience and the Park should shift its focus back to attracting local visitors and not just foreign visitors.


    INSIGHT FORUM with Allan Zeman
    In terms of future development for Hong Kong’s young people, Dr Zeman remarks that technology is the future. Young people should learn more about technology and Hong Kong’s education system also needs an overhaul to adapt to global technological trends.