Our Hong Kong Foundation Announces Change of Management

    11/15/2022 - 18:26

    (15 November 2022, Hong Kong)  Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) today announced the retirement of Mrs Eva Cheng Li Kam-fun at the end of the year as founding president after eight years of service and the appointment of Dr Jane Lee Ching-yee as her successor.

    Mrs Cheng joined Our Hong Kong Foundation in 2014 at the invitation of Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Mr Tung Chee-hwa. During her tenure, OHKF established the Public Policy Institute that conducts policy research, advocacy, and public engagement; and Hong Kong Chronicles Institute that preserves and shares local history through a book series. The Foundation also focuses on Chinese culture education and promotion, and tells the story of China Today through its subsidiary, the Academy of Chinese Studies.

    OHKF Executive Vice Chairman Mr Bernard Charnwut Chan commended Mrs Cheng for her leadership and dedication in developing OHKF into a multi-functional, cross-disciplinary think-and-do tank. “Mrs Cheng has helped to build a solid foundation for OHKF. Despite a rapidly changing and challenging social landscape since the Foundation was launched, Mrs Cheng demonstrated unwavering passion and commitment. She is held in high regard by members of the Board of Governors and colleagues. On behalf of OHKF, I express my sincere gratitude to Mrs Cheng for all her contribution over the past eight years.”

    On the appointment of Dr Jane Lee Ching-yee, Mr Chan said Dr Lee is well qualified to lead OHKF, given her rich experience in running large social service organisations, research entities, and education institutions. Dr Lee is active in public service, particularly in the areas of social innovation, social enterprise, policy research and youth education. Dr Lee will formally assume office on 1 January 2023.

    “As Hong Kong begins a new chapter in history, Our Hong Kong Foundation will continue to be a thought leader in contributing to the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and the sustainable development of our nation,” Mr Chan said.