Given the factors of economic globalisation, China’s economic reform and rapid growth, and severe land shortage, as an international financial centre, it is almost inevitable that Hong Kong suffers from high property prices. Notably, as property prices increase, wealth inequality becomes more acute, dividing citizens into “haves” and “have-nots”. With more fractures in society, governance may be jeopardised.

    Therefore, Our Hong Kong Foundation focuses our housing research on reviewing the effectiveness of Hong Kong’s housing policies over the years, and the social problems associated with the rise in property prices (e.g. youth social mobility, poverty, aging population and retirement, etc.) Our research team advances policy recommendations based on our research results. In particular, we advocate for the “Subsidised Homeownership Scheme” to enable public housing tenants to become bona fide homeowners and share the fruits of economic prosperity.

    Research Team:

    Professor Richard Wong Yue-chim

    Research Council Member, Our Hong Kong Foundation
    Philip Wong Kennedy Wong Professor in Political Economy, School of Economics and Business, University of Hong Kong


    Ryan Ip Man-ki
    Head of Land and Housing Research, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Andy Wong Wan Ho
    Advocacy Manager, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Jacqueline Hui
    Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Jason Leung Yeuk Ho
    Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Calvin Au Hou-che
    Assistant Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation