The development of land is relevant not only to the issue of housing, but also to medical care, the economy, population size, aging population etc. Hong Kong is currently confronted with a severe shortage of land, resulting in higher costs of living, medical care, and even running a business. This has caused a major setback to Hong Kong’s urban development and international competitiveness, leading to a chain of socioeconomic problems.

    Therefore, Our Hong Kong Foundation focuses our land research on the socioeconomic impacts of a shortage of land supply, the reasons behind the shortage, and the feasibility of different approaches to increasing land supply. We also conduct in-depth studies on the situation regarding housing supply, the structure of Hong Kong’s land and housing market, development in Lantau Island, the effectiveness of approval and developmental processes, etc. We hope that our research can help society reach a consensus and support a multi-pronged approach to increase land supply.

    Research Team:

    Professor Kwong-Wing Chau
    Chair Professor of Real Estate and Construction
    Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong

    Ryan Ip Man-Ki
    Vice President cum Co-Head of Research, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Jason Leung Yeuk Ho
    Head of Land & Housing, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Andy Wong Wan Ho
    Senior Manager, Advocacy, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Calvin Au Hou-Che
    Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Alvin Chiu  
    Assistant Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation


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