Social innovation, a hot topic today, is the use of novel ways to solve problems in society. “Innovation” consists of three main elements: novelty, entrepreneurship and diffusion. “Social innovation” expounds these three elements in the context of taking care of social needs.

    We believe that social impact assessment (SIA) is a necessary part of promoting social innovation. Through the introduction of SIA, the government, business sector, social welfare sector and social enterprises can measure and quantify the benefits they bring to the society, and improve themselves based on the results. In addition, social innovation as a community movement indispensably requires the involvement of the government, the business sector and the public.

    We launched our first research report in March 2016. We advocated for the use of SIA within the community, so that it is understood and accepted by the public where economic impact is no longer the single indicator of success. To actualise the social innovation movement, we launched the Bees and Trees platform to pair up resourceful organisations with social enterprises to utilise their advantages and solve thorny issues in society. We have further evaluated the use of SIA in our Social Impact Assessment Booklet, and launched our landscape report on green bonds. We will continue to play a role in promoting innovative ways to solve social problems through a collaborative approach.


    Research Team:

    Mr Bernard Charnwut Chan
    Research Council Member, Our Hong Kong Foundation
    President, Asia Financial Holdings

    Mr Stephen Wong
    Senior Vice President & Executive Director of Public Policy Institute, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Dr Ka-Kui Tse
    Advisor, Our Hong Kong Foundation
    Chairman, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum

    Kenny Shui
    Research Director and Head of Economic Development, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Judy Chen
    Senior Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    Pascal Siu
    Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation