Our Hong Kong Foundation

    “Connecting the World: Hong Kong’s New Opportunities and New Future”.

    OHKF is organising an International Forum held on 17 April 2023 (Mon), with the theme on Progress Through Collaboration: “Connecting the World: Hong Kong’s New Opportunities and New Future”.

    The backdrop to this Forum is China's 2035 national development goals which present vast opportunities to the world. Our Forum is scheduled to take place shortly after China's "Two Sessions" that is all set to grab global attention and at which the 2035 long range goals will be further deliberated.

    We are very honoured that the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Hon John KC Lee, and Mr Zheng Yanxiong, Director of The Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, will be the Guests of Honour to deliver the Opening Address on this occasion. Other speakers are all of international stature.

    聯通世界的香港一新機遇 新未來 Connecting the World: Hong Kong's New Opportunities and New Future

    團結香港基金4月17日(星期一)舉辦題為“聯通世界的香港 - 新機遇 新未來”國際論壇,承接今年“兩會”全面貫徹落實二十大精神開局之年的重要會議。時值社會各界熱議“兩會”精神,關註中國式現代化建設,思考香港獨特地位優勢與未來發展,深入貫徹新發展理念,對中國國民經濟和社會發展作出了系統謀劃和戰略部署,同時為香港乃至世界帶來巨大機遇。