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    【INSIGHT FORUM】Hong Kong Way Forward

    The Future of Hong Kong as a Global Talent Hub

    Hong Kong has a talent deficit. The pain is acutely felt amidst rising challenges that outpace our ability to tackle them. Actually Hong Kong is teeming with budding talents, we should develop them. Our competitors are aggressively luring our talents, we should retain them. We don’t have a complete mix of all talents, so we should recruit global talents. In short, we need a robust talent strategy. Our multiculturalism and multilingualism make us uniquely poised to become a global talent hub, serving Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area. Talents will blossom in Hong Kong, and make Hong Kong blossom.

    Keynote Speaker:
    Mr Bernard Chan
    Executive Vice-Chairman, Our Hong Kong Foundation
    Chairman and President, Asia Financial Holdings Limited

    Dr Aron Harilela
    Chairman & CEO, Harilela Hotels Limited
    Ms Diana Cesar
    Executive Director and Chief Executive, Hang Seng Bank Limited
    Dr Daisy Yiyou Wang
    Deputy Director, Curatorial and Programming of the Hong Kong Palace Museum

    Dr Stephen Wong
    Senior Vice President & Executive Director of Public Policy Institute, Our Hong Kong Foundation