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Executive Summary

               Streamline procedures to accelerate                       No matter it is large-scale land development or public housing
               housing supply                                            construction, past development projects in Hong Kong have been
                                                                         trapped in a vicious cycle—projects get delayed due to slow progress,
                                                                         followed by toilsome efforts to catch up on back-loaded delivery.
               Hong Kong people are known to have unwavering endurance. Still,   Taking the ten-year public housing supply projection as an example.
               having to endure a cramped, expensive and densely populated living   Early in 2015, the Government had already clearly stated that housing
               environment for so long, people will eventually reach their limits and   supply will be back-loaded in the Long Term Housing Strategy (LTHS)
               lose hope for the future.                                 annual progress report. Yet in 2021, i.e. five years had passed since
               In the past, we have made recommendations in various research   2015, the Policy Address still stated that housing supply in the next
               reports on boosting land and housing supply. By focusing on   10 years will continue to be back-loaded.
               large-scale land development to solve the supply problems, our   There is plenty of room to streamline and reorganise the current
               recommendations include the Enhanced East Lantau Metropolis and   development process. Various non-governmental professional
               large-scale urbanisation in the New Territories. Since then, these   organisations, including Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF), have
               recommendations have been adopted by the Hong Kong Special   raised many suggestions. However, the Government remains largely
               Administrative Region Government (the Government) for the Lantau   unresponsive, and its reform efforts are far from sufficient. On the other
               Tomorrow Vision and the Northern Metropolis respectively. However,   hand, the suggestions put forward by various parties are rather
               even if these regional projects are eventually implemented, following the   fragmented, which are mostly focused on the individual aspects of land
               existing land development procedures, they will be long-term supply in   development and housing construction. A consolidated proposal that
               20 to 30 years. It is possible that the current procedures will cause the   integrates all suggestions and covers the entire land and housing
               regional projects to degenerate into paper talk, which will not save the   development flow is still lacking. Therefore, if the Government is to
               people from their current plight. Nevertheless, the Government is not   truly remove the barriers in order to provide housing amply and swiftly,
               taking action to solve the supply problem in short-term.  its actions to date are far from being adequate.

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