Upcoming Events
04/13/2021 - 19:00
近年不同社交媒體推動直播帶貨新熱潮,在講求消費者體驗的5G新時代,網紅配以線上、線下和物流結合在一起的新零售模式是大勢所趨。今次網上講座邀請到跨境電商及直播綜合平台創辦人林漢源 Samuel 和派國際控股有限公司聯合創辦人石采穎 Rainbow 為嘉賓講者。此外,主播何佩玲 Michele 亦會透過短片分享從事教育和培訓專業工作,進一步拓展到電商市場及網紅培訓領域的經驗。
Supporting Events
03/22/2021 - 12:00
團結香港基金的使命,是匯聚知識智慧,發揮香港優勢,迎接國家富強帶來的機遇,為香港長遠利益努力。基金會專注公共政策研究、倡議及推動,為香港長遠利益出謀獻策。 務求促進香港社會和諧、經濟繁榮及可持續發展,基金會亦支持多個組織舉辦的活動。
03/04/2021 - 17:06
Our Hong Kong Foundation organised the 15th session of “INSIGHT FORUM” with Mr Gordon Wu, Chairman of Hopewell Holdings Limited, who spoke on “Reclamation: Myth and Miracle”. Mr Michael Wong, Secretary for Development of the HKSAR Government, was invited as a special guest delivering an opening remark.
02/05/2021 - 10:25
The century-old Romanesque underground reservoir at Bishop Hill in Hong Kong has recently raised the public’s awareness of preserving heritage buildings, to the extent of striking a needed balance between urban development and heritage conservation. In the 14th “INSIGHT FORUM” webinar organised by Our Hong Kong Foundation, a panel of eminent experts and scholars spoke on “Exploring Spectacular Architecture in Hong Kong”, and discussed the city’s historic architecture and their preservation.