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RECOMMENDATION 3. Hong Kong should strengthen its investment in specialist training
                 3.1  The Government should provide additional funding and mandate the Hospital Authority and the Hong Kong Academy of
                     Medicine to facilitate continuing specialist training for non-locally trained doctors under Limited Registration.
                 3.2  In consideration that the Hospital Authority offers doctors with Full Registration a nine-year integrated contract to facilitate
                     specialist training, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and the Hospital Authority should collaborate and offer integrated
                     service contracts to non-locally trained doctors for continuing specialist training without affecting training opportunities of
                     local medical graduates.

                 3.3  The  Government  should  empower  the  Hong  Kong  Academy  of  Medicine  to  mandate  training  quotas  for  the  relevant
                     Academy Colleges to provide specialist training for non-locally trained doctors employed by the Hospital Authority. Hong
                     Kong permanent residents should be prioritised.

                 3.4  The list of recognised non-local specialist qualifications and other Academy College entry requirements should be clearly
                     organised, made publicly accessible and centralised by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine to enhance the ease of
                     information accessibility for potential candidates.

                 RECOMMENDATION 4. Hong Kong must capitalise on and nurture valuable human capital
                 4.1  The Hospital Authority should remove all barriers that potentially impede the career progression of non-locally trained
                     doctors who should be considered for progression that is merit-based alongside their locally trained peers.
                 4.2  The Government should ensure the independence of the committee that will determine a list of recognised medical schools
                     under the Government’s new proposal on the admission of non-locally trained doctors. An appeal mechanism should be
                     devised to review the eligibility of experienced non-locally trained doctors who currently do not meet stipulated criteria to
                     benefit from the proposal.

                 4.3  The  Medical  Council  of  Hong  Kong  should  lift  the  duration  restriction  of  Limited  Registration  for  non-locally  trained
                     specialists employed by the Hospital Authority or the Department of Health who will continue their appointment with these
                     public healthcare institutions. The venue restriction should also be relaxed for non-locally trained specialists under Limited
                     Registration after they have served in the Hospital Authority or the Department of Health for an extended period of time.
                     Both relaxations should be subject to desirable performance monitoring and assessment outcomes.

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