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RECOMMENDATION 3          Hong Kong should strengthen its investment in specialist training

                  Continuing training is vital for a doctor’s medical career development and progression. This is especially true for doctors who
                  have already commenced specialist training outside Hong Kong but have chosen to offer their services in the local health
                  system. Opportunities should be made available for these doctors to continue and complete their training in Hong Kong.
                  Reference could be made to other jurisdictions, such as the UK, that offer multiple training opportunities.

                  The HA currently offers doctors with Full Registration a nine-year integrated contract devised with a view to facilitate specialist
                  training. To ensure that continuing training opportunities are offered to non-locally trained doctors looking to establish a medical
                  career in Hong Kong, we recommend the Government to provide additional funding and mandate the HA and the HKAM to
                  facilitate continuing specialist training for non-locally trained doctors under Limited Registration. The HKAM and the HA should
                  collaborate and consider offering integrated contracts to eligible doctors with a view to facilitate the completion of specialist
                  training in Hong Kong. This initiative should not affect the opportunities to train local medical graduates since Resident Trainee
                  posts have already been reserved and committed to them. At the same time, the Government should empower the Academy
                  to mandate training quotas under the Academy Colleges to provide specialist training to non-locally trained doctors employed
                  by the HA, particularly if their qualifications are attained from non-local specialist authorities that are deemed comparable to
                  that of the Academy Colleges. The Academy should prioritise providing continuing specialist training to Hong Kong permanent
                  residents. The Academy should mandate the Academy Colleges to specify entry requirements and compile a list of acceptable
                  qualifications for retrospective accreditation. The information should be clearly organised, made publicly accessible and
                  centralised by the Academy to enhance the ease of information accessibility  for potential candidates.

                     RECOMMENDATION 4          Hong Kong must capitalise on and nurture valuable human capital

                  Non-locally trained specialists in Hong Kong face significant barriers in obtaining recognition of prior specialist training, potentially
                  resulting in mismatched qualification level and occupational rank, restrictions on career prospects, and convoluted procedures
                  to join Hong Kong’s Specialist Register through attaining Certification for Specialist Registration (CSR). Reference should be
                  made to comparable jurisdictions, such as Singapore and the UK, that adopt clear and transparent pathways for specialist
                  To resonate with Recommendation 1 and promote equal opportunities for locally and non-locally trained doctors, the HA should
                  remove all barriers that potentially impede the career progression of non-locally trained doctors who should be considered for
                  progression that is merit-based alongside their locally trained peers.

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